Turtwig Football Club Edit

Turtwig FC
Full name
Turtwig Football Club
The Tree Turtles
November 12th, 2008
Pewter City Stadium, 1450 seats
Newbie 1007
English League 2 E3

Turtwig Football Club is an English club, playing in League 2 E3 and are managed by Newbie1007. The club started on the 12th of November 2008, 5 league matches before the end of Season 7.

Club History

Season 7

In Turtwig FC's first ever game, on 15th of November 2008, they won 7-0 to inactive side, Club Africain. Top goalscorer in this match was Parris Brock, scoring an explosive 5 goals. After one match, Turtwig FC were in 5th place. Though when they started they were in 5th place and it was mathematically impossible to get into 4th place or higher. The team walked into their second match with their heads held high against Boffin United, another inactive side. Parris Brock scored two more goals, where as earlier bought strike partner Gershon Gerchak scored his first ever goal. Though Turtwig FC finished November on a bad note losing to 2nd placed side, Crusaders 2-0. Though this didn't shift their position. Once they started December they re-found their fighting blood, beating Sutton Athletic 5-0. The main scorer, Israeli Gershon Gerchak, scoring 4 goals. Then in their final match against 4th placed Sutton City FC, he scored another goal bringing his tally to 6. Top goalscorer Parris Brock scored his 8th goal in a 5 match span.

Season 8

A great opening match for the fast growing League 2 E3 side, winning 5-0 against newly relegated side St Domingos Fc. Parris Brock scoring the first hat-trick of the season and Gershon Gerchak, his fellow striker, scored the other 2. New signing Donatello Bolchini got the first yellow card in Turtwig Football Club's history. The next match saw the usual suspects score again, with Gershon Gerchak and Parris Brock scoring in the 4-0 win against A Tribute To The Knights. Then in their 3rd consecutive win, Gerchak scored another 2 and Brock got the remaining 4 in a 6-0 win against Sutton Athletic.

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