== The Inferno== The inferno is a Albanian football club founded in december - 2007 by stonesour.

Season 6 - After a year spending a successful season in albanian second league [ Second Division B ] in season 6, The Inferno fc gained the first trophy in the trophy room.

The next season [ season 7 ] were also very successful. In their first Superliga debut they finished as 2rd against very superior teams that were in superliga

The season 8 was not very good becouse their manager didnt had too much time to log on on DO

but in the season 9 at a very limited budget they once confirmed their motivation, claiming back the second place in superliga, second place in youth league, and the national cup.

Season 10 - Was successfull too, becouse once again they claimed second place in Superliga, second in youth league and reached the final in National Cup.

Season 11 - momently having a good season, maybe this year is the best chance to claim the first Superliga trophy, after the best albanian team [ Roman Empire ] had a bad start

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