THE BLACK CROWS is a small club founded in 02.23.2010 based in Algeria exactely in Bejaia, managed by idir the club is curently in the fourth division on G3 - Regionale G3 -, it's stadium cover only 1450 places but the direction wants to enlarge it because of the big entrance of supporters .

Club HistoryEdit

THE BLACK CROWS can trace its history back to Februry of 2010. The club's first friendly match was a 0-3 away lose against FC YANIS on 2010-03-01 but the the first official match was against dabilyani 15 -0 at home .Several players who played in that first match would later become famous as Celestino Celis,Mario Vranjac, Zan Podvrsic, andMickel Kreisky would each go on to make over 100 appearances for the club..

Before competitive competition,THE BLACK CROWS made many transfers around the D-O world when the club lended the spanish striker Celestino Celis from Los Ziocannitos, the world record transfer fee of 502.000 £ when idir bought Oded Popilski, before that the club has bought also the captain of the team Zan.

Celis an Kreisky was the strikers of the team with many goals, the devlop its game step per step.

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