General InformationsEdit

Paulistano Athletic Club (Paulistano AC) was a brazilian Dugout's team created in the end of the 5th season. The team's Headquarteris was on the Brazilian city of São Paulo, on the neiborhood of Santo Amaro at São Sebastião Street, 276. The club's manager is Kiqcoelho77.

Paulistano HQ

Paulistano AC Headquarter

Early History - Third DivisionEdit

The team started at Third Division C4 playing only 4 games, on the 5th season. The team ended the championship on the third place.

The 6th season was the first full-played season of Paulistano. Paulistano stated the 3 division C4 as a non-favorite club on the run for the championship. The favorite clubs was "Foi Mal Futebol Clube" and "Portuguesa" (Portuguesa abandoned DO on the middle of the 6th season, so only Paulistano and Foi Mal was really fighting for the championship). But, Paulistano surprisingly started the championship winning all it's games, and on the 11th round Paulistano was the leader of C4. However, a very tough game was coming, the leader Paulistano (30 pts) versus the second, Foi Mal (26 pts). Foi Mal had more experient and skillful players, while Paulistano counted on it's briliant campaign on the championship. The game was very hard and balanced, but in the end Paulistano won the game with a goal of Ugo Toussaint, player that was signed only few days before this game. Paulistano almost won the championship without losing a match, but on the last game of the championship, Foi Mai had it's revenge and defeated Paulistano AC. But, even with this lose, Paulistano AC was the champion of the 3 division C4 on his first full-plyaed season and Paulistano also had the league's top scorer: Marcos Camasa (65 goals).

Hard Life - Second divisionEdit

The 7th season started a new and hard age on Paulistano's history. With a low skilled team, Paulistano AC started the season fightening to stay on the second division. The campaingn of 6W, 4D and 12L was enough to maintain Paulistano AC at the 2º division.

The next 2 seasons the history has repeated: Paulistano's weak team struggling to stay on second division, ending these seasons always at the 8th place.

In the season 10 the history has changed. With a clearly better team than it was on the last seasons, Paulistano AC has made an good campaign and surprisingly has ended the season 10 at the 4th place (11W, 5D, 6L)

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