Write the text of your article here! We take the club from a manager called "seckic". The club was poor and the last game was played 27 - 9 - 2008. The new manager "Mr_Persi" has decided that the club name Radenci City will be changed in FC Golgeterji in season 7, round 11. The 1st match was a young derby won away with result 1:2 against boost. The next day the senior squad loose 2:0 vs the 1st in the league NK 007. The 1st league win comes 18 - 10 -2008 in a home match vs boost. In the end of the season we ended on the 7th place. In the next season we won the league with 17W 4D and only 1L in total 55 points! The best result was playing in the 3rd slovenian league called Tretja SNL C. We have 2 league win trophy and 3 young league win trophy. In the future we will do more with young players and we will look less to the tropyes, because we need good player for wining things and spend less money.

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