Homan United is a Dutch football club, managed by Enrici.

History of Homan United: Homan United started October of 2007. They replaced the BOT-Team Quaresma Style. In the first season of manager Enrici he managed to make a great climb on the league table. HU came from the 11th place and eventually ended on the 4th place. Next season, HU had some great opponents: F.C. THe Pitbulls, Nedermaroc, FC Onderste Boven, FC Punter and FC Galjoen. The last one became inactive just after HU had beaten them twice, thus giving our opponents a great advantage. The 2nd season was a great one for HU, they managed to promote to a higher division after some great matches. They beated The Pitbulls, Punter and Galjoen twice, Onderste Boven and Nedermaroc once, and played a draw against Nedermaroc. So Homan United surprisingly promoted! The players of HU weren't good enough for the higher division, but manager Enrici said he would use the best of his manager skills to remain in Hoofdklasse G(This is the name of the division).