Youth Academy

Want to base your team on the youth? Make future superstars out of them? This is the best way to do it – but there is a catch: it costs a lot of money to build it and a lot of money to maintain it. If you have youth academy available, your youth players will progress a bit faster each day. But again, do not build the academy if you are not sure you can handle the costs - otherwise the Youth Academy will be your club's downfall. It costs £5,000,000 to build it and £45,000 per week to maintain it!

Research Facility

This facility is used by your whole staff. The high-tech gadgets that are inside help them to determine the best way to train and heal your players. NOTE that you need at least 1 coach to get its benefits for training and at least 1 physio to get its benefits in healing. Research facility will cost you £1,000,000 to build and £25,000 per week for maintenance.

Club Shop

A Club Shop is the place, where your fans buy your kits and all other symbols of your club. Beware: If your club is not known or popular enough (has too low rating), then Club Shop will only make loss, not profit. Club Shop level 1 makes weekly profit at rating 40 and more, while Club Store (the Club Shop "level 2") makes weekly profit at rating over 100. It costs to build and it costs to maintain, so don't build it, until your rating is high enough.

Fitness Center

Are your players losing too much condition and you want to reduce the loss? Are you trying to play a target man, but his speed and strength are too low? Then, my friend, Fitness Center is the facility for you. Players gain 1-2 more condition points with level 1 and 1-3 more condition points with level 2 on EVERY UPDATE, making it total ~10 per week on level on and around 15 per week with level 2. Fitness Center also brings some bonus, when you're training your players fitness (speed and strength). In my opinion, it's worth every penny I paid for.

Training Ground

You don't want your senior team players to train on normal pitch, do you? The Training Ground brings them bonus on each training day they have, but it only works, when you have at least one coach. The bonus is dependent on the talent of each player, the same as normal training (more talent, more bonus) Training ground is a facility, that is suggested to be built as soon as you have the money (£500,000 to build and £17,500 weekly for maintenance)

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