Hi! My (user)name is Primx, I'm an active member of dugout-online community for almost two years, and I find the game very addictive, that is why I'm known on the forums as the "spam master" for having written the biggest amount of the posts.

Anyway, I'm the manager of a club called fc juventus, the champion My club was established 28.9.2006, and at the beginning, we struggled with some financial and moral problems, which lead to my club being blocked and fined by almost 1M pounds. This is also the main reason for the bankruptcy we suffered in December of the very same year. I tried very hard to make things right again, and I think I've done pretty well. We're currently in 3rd division of Italy, in serie C-3 and in this moment, I'm on the top of the table. I decided for a tactic, that is suitable to my players. I have a lot of VT players, that need time to evolve to their full potential, that's why I'm taking a slow promotion, even though I am good enough to win my league, I'm not sure if I want to do it. Yet. This season perhaps, the next one, most certainly.

I made a lot of friends on Dugout. let me just link to their club pages: Fevre fB

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