The English National Cup is the national domestic cup competition of England. Aliens have won the Cup six times, the most of any Club. Aliens and Walsall Allstars have made the most cup final appearances, with seven each.

English National Cup Winners
Season Winner Runner-Up
1 Limerick Irons United States Arsenal FC
 2 Aliens Limerick Irons
 3 Aliens Limerick Irons
 4 HaveIt Atletico De Madrid
 5 Aliens Limerick Irons
6 Aliens Walsall Allstars
 7 United States Arsenal FC FC Cosmltin
8 Aliens Thanet United
9 Aliens Polls Town United
10 Walsall Allstars Ipswich Blues
11 Ipswich Blues Surrey FC
12 Walsall Allstars Aliens
13 Walsall Allstars Polls Town United
14 Ipswich Blues Walsall Allstars
15 Albion Allstars Ipswich Blues
16 Walsall Allstars Merlin Magic XI
17 Walsall Allstars Norwich City
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