In Dugout-Online, clubs who finish first in the top division of their domestic league take part in the Champions Cup, the most prestigious club tournament in the game. Second placed teams and National Cup winners take part in the Challenge Cup. Finally, the winners of each National Youth Cup, contended by the winner of each youth division, take part in the International Youth Cup.

Current Holders: Por S.L. Laranjeiras

Dugout-Online Champions Cup Winners
Winner Runner up Score
Season 2 Por Mambas Mex Assisi Lagos FC 3-1 Por Esgota Pipas e garrafõesAus The Samurai Metropolis
Season 3 Por SLBROKER Rom Blue Champions 1-0 Fin Academia Golden World TeamSer Partizan Beograd
Season 4 Por Mambas Spa FC Sildenafil 1-0 Slo FuzbalerjiUsa Teamscout
Season 5 Por SLBROKER Spa FC Sildenafil 2-0 Slo Hajduk RogatecEng Aliens
Season 6 Por SLBROKER Cze RC Victoria Moravia 1-0 (aet) Swe Slovenia DreamteamAustria 3 Newell's Old Boys
Season 7 Por SLBROKER Bih Sarajevo united 1-1 (4-3p) Eng Cloughjordan IronsSvk LM Fire
Season 8 Por SLBROKER Cro Ragusa Pirates 3-0 Ser NS UnitedTur Gheorghe HAGI
Season 9 Por S.L. Laranjeiras Hun Viper Sharks 0-0 (4-2p) Austria 3 lask linzNet AFC De Vriesjes
Season 10 Por SLBROKER Eng Aliens 2-1 Usa TeamScoutLat FK Inokentijs Mārpls
Season 11 Por S.L. Laranjeiras Slo Hajduk Rogatec 0-0 (6-5p) Fra JFK LusignacumEst JK P
Season 12 Por S.L. Laranjeiras Eng Aliens 9-0 Rom Callatis MangaliaBih Sarajevo United


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