Atletico De Madrid currently play football in England's top tier(The English Premiership). Founded on the day DO was born, Atletico is currently the oldest English team in the game, and 4th oldest active team throughout the DO foundation, with a club ID of 15. The side is based in Solihull, West Midlands.


The manager is user "SSLazio" Atletico's Atleticanas watch the home games at the "Vicente Calderon" the capacity is 18,000

Club History Edit

Atletico have had mixed fortunes throughout their time on dugout. Sadly to the mis-fortune of SSLazio and all the Atleticanas (the fans), Atletico never took the pre-season tournament and 1st season seriously. As a result Atletico started the game down in League 1A. Atletico's first ever game was a 3-0 win against Grifone City FC.(Now in-active)

However things turned around for the best when SSLazio started managing the team appropiately. Notable signings of Godofredo Murcia, Bronislaw Szoch,(still present)and Bonifacio Ugarte back at the start of season 2 proved vital as Atletico went on to promote to the Premiership via the playoff's.

Sadly the following season Atletico relegated in there 1st stay in Englands premiership. Atletico started brightly, but injuries and suspensions took its toll on a talented team lacking depth.

Season 4 brought great joy but alot of pain to Atletico and its fans. Finishing the season strongly, SSLazio led the team to a famous national cup final eliminating the likes of strong teams such as United States Arsenal, Ipswich Blues, and Red Park Avenue along the way, Atletico were favourites going into the final and were also top in the (Championship A) appearing to have secured a league title. In a bizarre turn of events Atletico lost both to Have IT and Ipswich Blues.

Season 5 was a great comeback season in Englands elite division, managing a 5th placed finish and firmly establishing themselves in the prem.

Season 6 was much the same as season 5 finishing in a sound 5th place, but not managing a great run in the national cup. Atletico faired poorly in the national cup by their standards being eliminated in the last 32.

In season 7, Atletico reached the dream they'd be wanting to achieve by managing a superb 2nd place finish, just pipping Ipswich Blues on GD, was a very satisfying moment for the fans after what happened back in season 4. Darnell Daniell, Bronislaw Szoch,and Telmo Romero McIntosh among others were instrumental in leading Atletico to a superb campaign, qualifying for the challenge cup in the process. Once again Atletico were dissapointing in the national cup, managing to reach the last 64, before being ousted out in extra time by sutton united.

Notable Players/Transfers Edit

Dax Shakesheave

Telmo Romero McIntosh

Godofredo Murcia

Bernardo Furtuna

Irvin Hume (Season 1 and 2)

Josh Travis (Season 1 to 4)

Sidney Barton (Season 1 and 2)

Bronislaw Szoch

Atletico's current transfer record is the 9.5million they paid for the Argentine international McIntosh

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