Team Information


Club Name
Arun Athletic
The Martlets
24th December 2006
Six Martlets Stadium (7,400)
English Championship B
Fan Favourites
Robert Dinu, Aykut Gurbay, Mack Jones

Arun Athletic, also known as Arun Martlets are a dugout-online football club, based in England and managed by stamford09. The club is now among the best English clubs outside of the Premiership, having never dropped below 4th place in Championship B, one of two leagues directly below the Premiership. The English league is a pyramid system.

An online football management game, dugout-online has interest in most of the world's countries. In England, Arun Martlets form a significant part of the community, interacting with other teams on the forum.

The Club was founded on Christmas Eve 2006, approximately 1 year after dugout-online was created. The Club represents the Arun District, a small area of West Sussex, England. This district consists mainly of seaside towns Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and the medieval castle town of Arundel.

The team play in the Six Martlets stadium, taking the name of Sussex's mythical birds that appear on the club's crest. Stands are named The Ronnie Barker Stand (North), The Norfolk End (East), The Beach Hut Stand (South) and The River End (West). The stadium is complete with yellow seats (purple for the away section) with the River End recieving a recent expansion bringing the overall capacity to 10,000. The stadium's location is on the Seafront, Littlehampton. The 'Hut' stand as it is affectionally known, is just 50 metres from high tide.

The team has been successful in its history and play in sky blue and dark blue with yellow trim. Its away colours are yellow and orange. The Club's crest is a variation of the West Sussex historic Coat of Arms and the martlet is a symbol for the county of Sussex like the white rose is for Yorkshire.

Early History Edit


Six Martlets Stadium before Season 8 expansion

The club started life with a handful of friendlies around the Christmas period of 2006/2007. Mack Jones began to shine as Arun's standout player as the Club went unbeaten throughout the matches.

Upon its acceptance to the English League system, the Club entered League 2 H2, and had 75% of season 3 to play. Not managing to get first place and promotion at the first attempt, the club won the competition in Season 4 at a canter with a 100% record. Around this time however, the club made little progress in National Cup competition losing out early in their attempts, although experiencing matches against some of the bigger clubs in England. Youngsters such as Fitzroy Hameldon and Randolph Parker were among many in the club who improved quickly and enabled Arun to move up the pyramid with speed.

Captain History Edit

Season/s Captain Country Notes
3 Mack Jones England The best player on the team
4&5 Aykut Gurbay Turkey The senior and most experienced player, now retired
6,7 & 8 Robert Dinu Romania Influential player, possible long term skipper

League 1H in Season 5Edit


League 1 Season

For the first time in playing dugout-online, Arun Athletic had stern competition in their first season within League 1. Historically one of the weaker leagues of the 8 League 1s, for this season all four of the promoted sides from the League 2 system provided a level of good, active teams. As it was, these four teams finished in the top four positions.

Arun Athletic finished ahead of their rivals thanks largely to a superb 100% first half to the season. Arun's great debut performance in the Championship has been matched in further seasons by Cheam Stars and Stenhouse Cosmos, fellow league 1 competitors in season 5.

National Cup Record Edit

Season Round Reached Opposition Notes
3 Last 256 FC Oblwood First Cup Campaign
4 Last 256 Red Park Avenue Went out to Premiership team Red Park Avenue
5 Last 32 Calshot Corns Beat Salvos Park Rangers, Arun were huge favourites in the loss
6 Last 64 Melchester Rovers Lost a tight game in Penalties
7 Last 64 Valentine F.C Easy route until knocked out
8 Last 64 Wallsall Allstars Lost after extra time

Early Life in ChampionshipEdit

Season 6 Edit


Irhad Ahmic strikes early against Draconic Warriors in match 4, season 7. The game ended 1-1

Arun defied all predictions and achieved 3rd place in their maiden Championship B season above the likes of Draconic Warriors and FC Tunnel. Uranus Fire won the title by some distance from Spankysallstars.

After putting in a lengthy unbeaten start to the season, Arun failed to match the strength of the other experienced squads but still were allways safe from relegation unlike Reds United, Furneaux Massive, Reel Madras and The Ollstars. Mack Jones finished 3rd in the top scorers list with 33 goals and also picked up the team's player of the season award.

Season 7 Edit

The team went into the season with no relegation fears and with confidence of repeating their success from the previous campaign. Finishing 4th as they did was perhaps what was expected of the team in the campaign with United States Arsenal, Worcester Park and Draconic Warriors finishing above Arun.

The bottom 4 again were well adrift provoking no relegation interest come the end of the season. Janissaries faltered after a inconsistent season, along with Calshot Corns, Walton FC and Albion Allstars. Captain Robert Dinu was Arun's player of the season with no strikers featuring in the top 10 of top scorers. Jones managed just 11 goals.

Championship to Premiership Edit

Season 8 Edit


Typical season 8 Arun Athletic line-up

Arun enjoyed an unbeaten first half to the Championship B season and overcame a late challenge by HaveIt to clinch the title to secure promotion to the Premiership for the first time. Over the course of the season three long standing teams Ooza Looza, Worcester Park and FC Tunnel went into bankruptcy allowing some of the weaker teams in the division to stay up. Vosey FC were the only active club to drop down.

Mack Jones topped the goalscoring charts with 40 goals but the distinction of player of the season went to right back Robi Leban.

Season 9 Edit

The team took their place in the top flight of English football for the first time in season 9. The team recorded an early away win against Walsall Allstars..................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Current Squad Edit

No. Player Pos Age Rating
Kennedy Boivin GK 23 34
Robi Leban DR/DC 29 34
Ivan Bukarev DL/DC 34 31
Wilmer Sudworth MC 25 29
Robert Dinu DC 28 34
Terence Savidge DC 34 32
Rahull Trull MC 26 30
Adair Philips MR 21 27
Irhad Ahmic FC 24 32
Mack Jones FC 28 34
Larkin Norwood ML 25 32
Din Dedic MR 34 30
Candido Vital GK 31 26
No. Player Pos Age Rating
Daryl Pound ML 18 23
Joseph Amaral DC 23 22
Yasar Sanli FC 24 28
Randolph Parker MC 18 28
Peter Vrh DL 28 32
Levi Carpenter DR 17 17
Fitzroy Hameldon FC 18 33
On Loan
Bob Busschers MC/MR 24 28
Out Loan
Melville Christison DR/DC 18 24
Out Loan
Clement Perrin DL 19 19
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